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Why Bryant Delta Chi?

Chapter History

The brothers of Delta Chi share a bond that very few other fraternity men will experience. This is due in part to the high standards that we set forth for our brothers. The chapter here at Bryant focuses on developing that bond as a friendship, helping each other to grow as individuals, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect, and obtaining the highest quality education we can during our college years. In order to meet these goals we set for ourselves, we hold each brother to a few basic ideals. They must always strive to achieve academically. All brothers must respect each other, and members outside the fraternity. Our anti-hazing policy is stemmed from this very level of respect. The brothers are all required to respect the heath and safety of others, in conjunction with their own property and the property of others. Members of the fraternity are made aware of their financial obligations and vow to meet them in order to remain active. The use of alcohol will be done so safely, along with the promise to neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs. Brothers are to foster a clean environment which is essential to both and individual’s physical and mental health. As brother’s we know and understand the values incorporated into our ritual, we will know such values and incorporate them into our everyday life. When dealing with others fraternity members will treat them with compassion and understanding. Finally, as Brothers of Delta Chi we promise to make sure that not only are we meeting these requirements set forth, but also that our brothers are meeting the same standards. It is through this that we are able to create the ideal fraternity, and will continue strongly into the future.